Tuesday, August 23, 2011

An Event at Lake Storey ~ Galesburg Heritage Days

This past weekend was the annual Heritage Days in Galesburg, IL and once more we found ourselves camped on the beautiful wooded shores of Lake Storey for a fun event.

This year was even more fun for me because my friend Laura and her children were able to be there with us and our dear friend Major Gary Jones was also in attendance, whom we have not spent an event with for six  years. There is nothing like catching up with old friends and spending time with new ones.

 All in all the society was very pleasant and the conversation stimulating! We also had the lovely pleasure of the company of the Miss Whitaker's - Brooke has a beautiful blog with her posts detailing her lovely sewing projects as well as a great 1860's hairstyle tutorial. She is such a wonderful young lady, as are her sisters!

The boys were thrilled to have other children to play with. The impression of a child is, I think, one of the best impressions of all. The boys had fun playing with sticks, pretending they were guns and marched around as soldiers going off to battle.

Judah collected leaves and twigs and the discovery of cicada and cicada shells was a passionate pastime for the Small Folk.

Watching them play, I could not help but feel a thrill of realism. The instincts and imagination of a child has not changed one bit in the past 150 years.

Unconciously, these little ones were presenting a far more accurate picture to The Public than many of the best "hardcore" reenactors there. Way to go, kids!

A meandering path led to a pre-1840's rendezvous on the other side of the park. We had fun going over as a group and visiting the camps and merchants. Here Laura, Peter and I pose in the woods on our way to the rendezvous camp.

Laura took this picture of David and I. We may be an "old married couple" now but I think we are still a little bit fond of each other, at least from time to time. :)

Peter stepped out of his comfort zone and civilian bum impression to portray the lowly hospital attendant.

Although he received some good-natured banter for his title of Private Peter (or Private Combs, which is perhaps worse) he performed his duties well and admirably and added so much to the impression of the field hospital. Here he accompanies the surgeon, Ron, back to the field hospital after the battle on Saturday with a wounded Gary.

Soon after his surgery, Gary passed to The Beyond. Here I mourn for my lost brother.

Saturday evening brought a brief but fierce thunderstorm. After it passed the air was much cooled and the humidity diminished. We lit lamps and candles and prepared for the evening dance to be held on the street in front of our camp. While we waited, Mr. Christian Jebb visited our humble abode and delighted the ears of the gathered company with some fine music and singing.

On Sunday, Laura and I set out our display of soldiers comfort items and sat by the path to talk to the spectating public as they went by. Although we did not talk to a very large number of people, we did have the pleasure of talking to some and we have many ideas to expand and improve our activities at the next event. It was so very delightful having this impression to do and to have someone as lovely as Laura to do it with.

Laura looked very fine in her lovely golden-yellow gown. She definitely has "The Look" about her - and this was only her second event! She is amazing! She knows her stuff!

I wore my swiss belt with my sheer crossover gown on Sunday. Here is a picture of Laura and I being silly.

Gary died again on Sunday and David tended to him in his last moments.

We all had a lovely time and are looking forward to the next event that will bring  us all together again. Reenacting folk do become just as dear as real family. Some of the best people in the world, truly. There is such a brotherly and sisterly affection for each other that abounds. It is very pleasing.

More photos here: Galesburg Heritage Days 2011



  1. "Gary died again on Sunday and David tended to him in his last moments."

    Hahaha!! Love that...

    You know, Sarah, you are getting sooooo thin now. If you aren't careful, you might blow away on the next breeze! ;0) Just kidding... really, you do look amazing. You are such an inspiration to me.

  2. Wonderful post! The pictures are fantastic. :) And it was SO great to see you! It'd been so long.

  3. I love that Swiss waist so. much. And your blue dress with the dropped puff on the sleeves, I love it.

    Everyone looks great, and like they had a great time!

  4. Jenni, oh my, well, I do not think I am in danger of being blown away, but thank you. ;) I still have a bit to go, but I'm happy to at least *be going* instead of being stuck in an apathetic rut as I have been the past few years. You are an inspiration to me as well.

    Brooke, it was wonderful seeing you again! It HAS been too long. I do hope to see you again at Princeton and perhaps at Danville if you are able to come up for that. It is always wonderful to visit with you!

    Mimic of Modes, thanks! I do like my swiss belt a lot too. I admit to some hesitations about myself wearing such a garment at my age of 25 and status as a wife/mother, but more and more images are coming to light of older looking women (one even holding a little baby) wearing this garment. I think the idea that this garment is just for the young and single is no longer valid - yay! :D


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