Wednesday, June 29, 2011

David's Regency Outfit - Finished!

I'm sorry I'm posting so much. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed right now so as I finish things, it really helps me to sit down and write about it. Somehow, it kinda "finalizes" the fact I am done with a certain project, which in turn propels me forward to start the next one.

So, we tried everything on for one last check up to see if there is anything we need to work on. We discovered two things:

#1: David needs longer white stockings.


#2: He definitely needs braces to hold the breeches up to the correct level. He already has some braces and all I will have to do is sew some buttons on the waistband to button the braces to. Otherwise, he is happy with the fit and comfort level of his clothes. I was very relieved. I think he looks awesome. :) Of course, I may be biased, but the clothes suit him. He shaved a few days ago and will let his side whiskers grow in a bit before the festival.



  1. That outfit suits him very well! Did you post a picture of just the green coat before? I can't remember, but does it have the same double row of buttons and everything? It seems strange now to think that you would wear one coat overtop of the other!

  2. Thanks Kelly!

    Yes, I did post a photo of the green waistcoat a month or two ago - it is what we would today call a vest, and is worn over the shirt but under the coat. Yes, it does have a double row of buttons too, but it does not have any sleeves. From what I've read, later in the regency waistcoats (vests) were fashionably layered one over the other and then the coat worn on top! We didn't go that route :P but it's funny how various things in fashion were the "fad" at certain times!

  3. He looks like he stepped out of the pages of an Austen novel! Very nicely done, Sarah!

    If looking incredible has any effect on overall happiness, you should all have a marvelous time at the festival :-)


  4. Looks great! You whipped it together so fast. I like your color choices - not the standard dark coat/light breeches, but it looks just right.

    Can't wait to see more! (No pressure. ;)

  5. wow! it looks fantastic! great fit on all the pieces. i am so utterly impressed with your skill with men's clothing! i am still too scared to attempt it, but luckily my fiance sews his own things. i can't wait to see pictures from the event!

  6. He looks good. And he shaved! I was wondering why he loked so different from what I'm used to seeing on your blog. :-)

  7. He looks wonderful!! Definitely looks the part. You did a wonderful job on his clothes.

  8. Dear Sarah Jane,
    So very nice! I rather like this ensemble best of all of them. He looks quite the country gentleman in the photos. The scale of the garments, the varying colors, the hat, they all work so well!

    I too like to post as I finish, as it's an imaginary mental checkmark.

    Very best,


  9. Fantastic job! David looks smashing! Looking forward to the new version of his facial hair! Good luck with the rest, we know you can do it!

  10. You've done such a great job! Thank you so much for sharing this whole process, it has been a great help.


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