Monday, March 28, 2011

Vintage Pattern Goodness

On St. Patrick's Day David and I enjoyed a rare afternoon out, alone. He had taken the day off work to attend a parade with our Civil War reeancting unit, but due to various situations, our unit did not end up marching in the parade so we were left with a whole day of our own. We spent the morning with the boys at the park and after lunch their grandmama came over to watch them while David and I went out.

We decided to go antique shopping, then see The King's Speech and after that we went out to dinner. It was a lovely time and the movie was awesome. Talk about 1930's fashion inspiration! Besides that, a great plot and great actors and it was just all around enjoyable.

We found a lot of interesting things at the antique mall but with our usual reluctance to fork over $$ for things we don't really need we did not buy much. We did come away with a few goodies, though. A wooden ark with wooden animals and a wooden Noah for $10, to bring to reenactments this year, and a few vintage patterns for $1.25. I bought a bundle of women's patterns and a bundle of children's patterns.

The best were the girls pattern from the mid 1950's. Oh! So cute. I told David that if we ever have a little girl, she will wear dresses like these. :)

The ladies patterns were mostly an assortment from the 70's and early 80's, but there were a few pretty ones. I love the Gunne Sax looking pattern, and the yellow halter top pattern (perhaps without the possibly ridiculous collar) could be made into a very cute sundress by attaching a skirt at the slightly raised waistline. I can think of all sorts of cute sundresses with ruffled skirts, tiered skirts and floaty circular skirts. :) (Speaking of halter tops, what DO you wear beneath one? I cannot imagine wearing a strapless bra all day long as they constantly fall down and need hiking up. . .) The nice thing about these patterns is that they are all sized to fit me, or nearly so.

I haven't been sewing much lately but I need to get my bum in gear this week. Our first Civil War event is in three weeks and I need a new corset and my hoop skirt needs a renovation before it is wearable. Actually, in two weeks we are planning on going to a dinner and ball so I will need both before then! And perhaps a new dancing dress.

Can you believe it is almost APRIL? Alas! This spring is merrily flying by, it seems.



  1. How funny, I wore the simplicity 7569 top in jr high, my grandmother sewed it for me, what a blast from the past

  2. Fun!! I can't believe it's nearly April...I'm due on Thursday!! Yikes!

    For under a halter, look for a "convertible" bra. It's like a strapless bra in a sense, but it has straps that can be removed and rearranged... here is an example (modeled though fyi)|71387

    Happy sewing!

  3. Congratulations on having a special day together. That sounds so refreshing :)

    I ADORE those little girl's patterns. I've collected some through the years, just because they're so charming. I do hope you have your little girl :) Our girlies can play together!

  4. Boot~C - that is so awesome! The sleeves on this pattern are just great. When I was in Jr. High the fashion was "elephant leg" jeans and smiley faces, etc. Bleck. Yours sound so much prettier!

    Tilly, I am expecting a birth announcement anytime now! :) I can't wait to hear what you may be having! If you have a girl you may end up with an infant-sized version of one of these 1950's patterns! ;) Thanks for the tip on the bra. I've never done halter before, but am thinking they would be comfortable and cool for around the house wear this summer. It just gets SO HOT here!

    Jenny, that would be fun! I have a feeling we'll only have boys, but who knows! David really wants a girl. I think he is hinting - last night we were watching a PBS program and he got a happy smile on his face when there were a few little girls running around on t.v. "If we have a little girl, do you think she'd look like that?" he asked. "I think she'd look like one of her brothers." I said.

    I can't wait to see what little dresses and things you will make your little girl! Not much longer to go for you, either!

  5. "I think she'd look like one of her brothers.".... ooooh, that made me laugh!

    Actually I have an old friend who had three boys and then a girl. And the mom, who was quite a tom boy herself, living on a ranch, could not figure out how such a dress-loving, pink-wearing, little lady had come into their midst!

    McCalls 4381 - I sewed that dress about 6 times: one prom dress, and then a set of bridesmaid dresses! It always looked good on everyone. (Boy, does that date me :)


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