Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Another Mock Up

There is not very much to report on since last week. The children were all stricken with an illness (runny nose, cough, etc.) over the weekend so I did not get any sewing done. We stayed home since we thought the boys would get worse if we camped in the windy chill at the last Civil War reenactment of the season. We had pizza, watched all three Lord of the Rings movies, had lots of tea with honey and on Sunday celebrated little David's 4th birthday with an outing to the park, traipsing the wooded trails (we did 3 miles!) and a big white birthday-cake with white frosting and 4 slim candles. Malachi walked almost half the trail and when he got too tired, I carried him on my back in the sling I made for him as an infant. A versatile, long-use and very cheap piece of baby equipment!

Yesterday I did get a little sewing done. Or, rather, fitting. I decided I didn't like all the wrinkles in my last bodice mock up so I pinned out most of the wrinkles as excess length and lengthened the bodice more to fit the length of the torso better. (That makes sense, right? Shortening the bodice and then lengthening it?)

I cut the new mock up from the brown linen I will use to line the bodice of the kirtle. The result? Quite smooth. The linen has the perfect amount of give and I am very happy with the fit now. There is a slight wrinkle over my right hip but I think that is because that hip is a little higher than the other. It is quite slight, so I can live with it. Plus, once the gores are put in at the sides I think the winkle may go away entirely. I did cut the neckline a bit wider since taking this photo, to get a more boat-shape to the neck.

I will use this as the actual lining and now am ready to cut the wool. I want to wait til I get the right thread though, so today will work on finishing David's underclothes - his shirt and braies. If the boy-O's cooperate! Lately I have been able to sew very little since it seems they KNOW when I'm not actively overseeing their pursuits and so they use the time I am occupied to wreak havoc in the house. I have decided that keeping them out of mischief is more beneficial to my sanity than sewing anything. ;P

It is a beautiful, COLD autumn day! Have a blessed week dear friends!


  1. It's amazing how much tiny differences in body shape can affect fit. I read a memoir by a geisha who said that her dresser (traditional geisha kimono can weigh 50 pounds, and can not be put on by the individual wearing them) had to adjust her garments to account for one vertebrae being slightly damaged due to a childhood fall. If he didn't, the clothes would hang badly and she would list to one side.

  2. That is very interesting! I agree completely about how it is so amazing how tiny differences in shape can affect fit.

    Fit is becoming more and more interesting to me. I think in this modern day and age with ready-to-wear clothing we have at times lost the degree - the art - of fitting a garment to ones body. Today, we have stretch knits or spandex that can adjust itself to fit your body. But using a woven, firm fabric and relying on shape and cutting to get the right fit is totally different.

    It is so interesting to begin exploring this. I have had some experience making fitted bodices for various eras, but fitting the lower torso is completley new to me and cutting the fabric to fit AND support the bust with nothing but the cut - that is also new to me as well. Fascinating!!

  3. What a lovely time :-) I love your new era, I think it will fit you so well.

  4. I am so impressed with your bodice! Excellent fit!

  5. Well now, that bodice fits like it was painted on you!

    I love baby slings, I used one all the time with my youngest brother.

  6. It looks like a wonderful outing. Your boys are darling.

    Your fitting on your bodice is incredible. Can I steal you and pick your brain? Seriously though, you did a beautiful job on it!


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