Monday, September 6, 2010

Havana Civil War Dance

David, Peter and I had a great time at the Havana dance this past Saturday evening. The weather was cool and crisp and breezy. We had a small group, but it was delightful and even more so when the spectators came on the dance floor and joined in with us.

For the first time in a long time, I got to actually dance more than one or two dances! I was even able to learn a few new ones, due to some lovley people who were willing to take us more inexperienced folk under their wing. This was because the boy-o's were left with grandmama and I did not have to chase them around. Though I was grateful for some "grown up" time, I did miss them terribly and was very glad to see them again when I got home. David enjoyed himself immensely and thinks we ought to attend dance practice twice a month and have someone watch the boys while we do that. I don't know. I have very very rarely ever been away from the boys since they were born. I think they would be fine to be away from us for a few hours every other week - but would I?
For more pictures, you can go here.

Have a lovely Labor Day!


  1. Your shawl looks beautiful! And the vest you made for your friend looks very dashing! I am glad you had the chance to have a sort of "date night" at the dance. I think it is very healthy for us moms to get away with our husbands from time to time. I think you should take your husband up on his very sweet offer. I would love it if my husband invited me out to dance once a week!

  2. I think it sounds like a brilliant idea! I think you're right in being home with your boys (that's what I plan to do when I have children), but they're big enough to be left with someone else who love them a couple of hours, a couple of times a month - don't worry. It's important to have some time as husband and wife as well, so you don't end up just being the parents and then look at each other when the kids move out with a "who are you?" kind of look ;)

    Don't you just love it when singles give advice on marriage, and childless women give advice on childcare? :P

  3. I have to agree. I think that time away from your kids is excellent and healthy for both you, you and your husband, and for them. I think that moms need time to themselves to continue to grow as individuals. I think moms and dads need time as a couple to continue to nurture their relationship and have some time devoted just to each other (which is hard to do with kids running around!). I also think that time away from parents is good for kids. I know my own kids act differently when they are not with me (they are very attached to me) and I love leaving them with their grandparents and hearing stories about what they did together when I pick them up. They have different experiences, learn to be flexible, and learn some independence. I know that some mothers have a hard time leaving their kids, but as long as you are leaving them with someone you love and trust, you should have little to worry about. Especially leaving them with grandmama...think of all the special memories they will have with her! Just my two cents....

  4. Dear Sarah - you both look wonderful! I know what you mean about being away from your kids -- but I do think you'll be fine and you will really enjoy the time socializing with adults (and with your husband). I cherish the times I have with Keith alone or with our friends...and I do miss Victoria, but I look forward to the joy of having her back home with me. :)

    Besides, having dance practice can be loads of fun! :)


  5. What fun! I love that dress on you, you look beautiful.


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