Monday, March 8, 2010

The Elusive Yoked Pleated Tunic?

I've been working myself up into grand irritability over the weekend, looking for that dumb picture I thought I had of a yoked tunic. I never found it, although I did find more documentation for war-era and just-post-war era pleated and yoked military blouses (in fact, in 1872 the military began to issue them as regulation instead of the sack coat). Of course there is the Kentucky Confederate yoked and pleated fatigue blouse in Echoes of Glory as I mentioned in my last post. On the federal side of things, during the War, Ambrose Burnside also had this style copied and given to his men. I also found a lot of reference to late 19th century pleated and yoked tunics for little boys called "Russian Blouses", but nothing applicable to my situation.

However, a fantastic lady on the Sewing Academy posted this picture today. Is this, at last, the long elusive yoked AND pleated tunic? It sure looks like it to me. I also really like this little boys white collar. I had been wondering if white collars were ever worn with tunics, so this helps with that. I have a few white collars I started making for the boys a while ago but never finished, due to uncertainty if they were worn. I have a use for them now! Here is the whole picture: (Shawnra, I hope it's okay if I post this here!) :)
And here is a cropped view of the little boy in question. Really, is there any doubt?!I'm sure happy this morning. :) Giggling. It's awesome.




  1. Sarah, I'm happy that you found your documentation, I know how wearing it can be to "know" you've seen something before but be unable to find it again! Or the fear that you've spent effort on a garment that turns out to be a fantasy garment. Good job!

  2. I'm glad you were able to set your mind at rest. I think a white collar would look very nice against the green tunic in the pictures below.

    To answer your question about nursing, I am not sure. At this point, I think I will play it by ear. I do want to get Maria out of our bed pretty soon, and have her stop nursing at night. That is my goal for the summer. If she wants to keep nursing some during the day, I probably will be okay with that. If she really just doesn't want to let go, I'm not going to force her, and will probably let her nurse a little with the new baby.

    I sent you an email-I sent it to two different addresses because I wasn't sure which one you use now. Just curious if you got it. I've answered the dress question myself; don't worry about that. But I did want to know if you still have that Regency bonnet pattern you mentioned here some time ago and if you do, if I could please have a copy of it.

  3. I do believe you've found your evidence! It looks exactly the same. Tho, your little men smile much nicer for pictures!

  4. Well, I can sympathize with not finding things. I have just spent a good while at the library looking through books trying to find a military bodice picture I have seen before. My hunt was un-successful. Maybe I’ll stumble across it soon. Anyway, glad you’re happy now. :)

  5. That is a great job on the tunic. It is good you found a picture from that time too.


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