Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Unveiling

These photographs are from this past Saturday when David, I and the boys went to the unveiling ceremony for two new statues installed in front of the Metamora Courthouse - our own Mr. Lincoln and one of his interesting clients, a Mrs. Goings. I don't have any good pictures of the statues since the ones I took came out quite dark but I hope to get some nice ones eventually. The statues are superbly lovely!
We were originally going to attend the sesquicentennial festival in a different town but when we heard of this, of course we went to the unveiling ceremony instead!

We all dressed up in honor of the day. Malachi wore a short gown for the first time and I nearly cried. My wee baby boy is getting so big. After the ceremony we headed out to the Lee Cabin to enjoy the afternoon and to take some photographs. We have been here before but it is one of the nicest places for pictures that we have around. And it is such a beautiful and restful atmosphere, there by the cabin. It almost feels like going home.

So, without further ado, here are the pictures! There is but one of Malachi since for the majority of the time we were out at the cabin he was asleep. The one of him was taken in our yard when we got home.

My Dress:This is the one I made back in June but never got around to getting any good pictures of it. The trim is inpsired by a dress from the Graceful Lady website and I really like how it came out.
I need to shorten my corset though. I didn't realize this until I wore it the other day. It needs to go down by an inch and a half and then it will give a much better line, I think.

Here is a back view. I don't understand why I'm getting those horizontal lines across the back. That seem to indicate that it is too tight but this is the same pattern I've made my others from and I've never had that issue. . .oh well!

It's a good thing its a dark, busy print. There are two small splotches of hair dye on the skirt from when I dyed my hair back in June (its all washed out now) but thankfully it is hard to tell that they are there. Another reason why I love dark prints!

Here are some of David. He finally got his sword belt in the mail so he can wear his officers sword now. He looked marvelous, if I do say so myself! What a handsome man he is, don't you think?
Now to finish his other frock coat before the end of September. Then hopefully I'll be done sewing federal stuff for him for a while. And thanks to the timer, we even got a photo of both of us in the same picture! The Boys: David and Judah loved exploring the area around the cabin and the woods beyond. But they couldn't go too far.I put Judah in a tunic outfit of Davids this time since he completely rebelled against wearing his dress! I think the time has come for Pants for Judah. The particular arrangement of his hat and exact angle of his hat brim was his own doing. He feels he alone can correctly place his hat upon his head and any attempts of mine to set it straight were in vain.They both found the outhouse fascinating. I believe the object of their fascination was the lock on the door. David went behind it to see if there was an alternate way in. Malachi by the flowers at home. Poor thing,he had just waken up from a nice nap and this was the only picture I could get before he began to wail in hunger and frustration. I'm so glad his gowns still fit him. The tucking of the skirts was a bit of a difficulty since the closer you get to skirt gathers the harder it is to place tucks! The job was at last done and although the skirts are still a bit long they are short enough where he can get around to his liking. And he will grow.So this whetted our appetite for reenacting. The boys behaved remarkably well so we are hoping for a very enjoyable fall reenacting season. Now back to sewing!




  1. So lovely! I always enjoy looking at pictures of your family.

    We're possibly going to our first reenactment Labor Day weekend with friends of my hubby's! If we do, we'll be borrowing some of their clothes. Will your family be attending the one in Caseyville that weekend?

  2. On second thought... maybe it's Jerseyville. One of those towns just north of Alton.

  3. I love it!. You look gorgeous, just like you stepped out of an old photo. The boys look just adoreable!

  4. What wonderful pictures! Your camera is back in action indeed! :)
    Looks like you had a lot of fun! :)

  5. Oh! The photos are just gorgeous!! I love the dress too. I am thinking about ordering a civil war dress tomorrow from Recollections. It's so beautiful and feminine! You all love stunning in your attire. And what a beautiful place too! :) Have a simply beautiful day!

  6. Well done Sarah Jane!

    This is a lovely dress you have made and you look beautiful in it.
    Your husband looks very regal in his uniform.
    The entire Family is well dressed...

    What an inspiration you are as you use your sewing skills and talents.
    I enjoy seeing what you have posted on your fine blog.


  7. You´re such a lovely family; you are so sweet, who doesn´t think a man in a ACW uniform look dashing, and your boys are darling. Not having 19th century re-enactment in Sweden, it´s so fun to follow your sewing-projects and adventures in history. I also like your obvious Christian lifestyle. We need more women like that; talented, loving and filled with virtue and integrity. You go girl!

    /Sarah A

  8. Thank you! :) I'm so glad my whole family enjoys dressing up with me. Such fun! The boys have been wearing different pieces around the house the past few days from their outifts this weekend. . .Judah his hat and David his tunic belt - over a t-shirt!

    Jenny, I do so *wish* we were going to Jerseyville. We've never been although we have wanted to go the past few years. David is working that weekend though so we won't be able to make it. :( Do you plan on doing any other reenactments? Our next one is in Danville at the end of September and then the last two are 'way up North in October - Stockton and Minooka. Do post on your blog about the event if you go!!! I'd LOVE to see pictures!!!

    Thanks Jackie!! You need to still email me about your photography blog (pretty please!) Kitty is doing well. She hunts crickets now and is getting bigger and Judah is violently in love with her. I need to do a post on her soon as soon as I can get some good pictures of her. I can't thank you enough for giving us our precious new baby!


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