Saturday, July 18, 2009

1914 Afternoon Dress Progress

Almost done. All it needs to finish it is 7 buttonholes and buttons for the back. I need to see if I have thread to match the fabric for the buttonholes. If not, I'll have to get some while I am in town.
And later today I shall go hat-hunting! What a delightful prospect. When did women stop wearing hats or bonnets? I must admit to being more of a bonnet wearer than a hat wearer. I think we need to bring them back.




  1. That has turned out lovely! I really need to get sewing me some dresses!

    And yes, we do need to bring those hats and bonnets back! I actually rarely wear either, but it is a self-conscious choice that I may be the only one and look silly. I know, rather vain and silly...but what can I say!

    I'd love to find a lovely straw hat type...that would do the trick:-)

    Happy hat hunting!

    Lots of love,

  2. This is gorgeous! One of my favorite time periods too, for all sorts of things, not just fashion. I love the hats from then too. I agree that hats should come back, they add so much!

  3. That is one beautiful dress, Sarah! The lace adds such a lovely touch.

  4. This is beautiful! I hope you find the perfect hat to go with it!

  5. Oh my! It is lovely! It is going to look wonderful on you!

  6. I love it! Great job, you are so talented. God bless!

  7. It is gorgeous! I love the fabric you picked! So feminine and pretty, I can just imagine it on a lovely lady with a tea cup perched neatly in her hands!

  8. Your dress looks beautiful! The lace and sash give it just the right touch!

  9. Oooooh, Sarah! I love the bonnet; I wish that we wore them today! I love Little House and everything about it as wel!. I agree with you wholeheartedly about bringing back hats. I have felt that there is a desire from many women to do the same, but somehow no one is brave enough. I have started wearing a hat this summer and am rather liking it. Now, I have to get brave enough to branch out into more and different styles (mine is a simple straw with a black ribbon) and maybe even (gasp) wear one to church.


Thank you for your lovely thoughts!