Friday, February 13, 2009

White Cotton Baby Gown

After an all-day sewing spree on Wednesday, I finished up Malachi's outfit to wear to Springfield for the festivities for Mr. Lincoln's 200th birthday. I should have properly measured him but he still curls up in such a tight fetal position that it is hard to do so. Consequently, his gown is a little snug on him. What great lengths his arms can stretch out to!

This dress is not based on any one dress in particular. The bodice has a jewel neckline, slightly raised waistline and long gathered sleeves. I originally made the sleeves a bit differently and piped the armscyes but found those sleeves to be way too short so I had to redo them quickly Thursday morning before we left and I left the piping off. I feel bad about that but I really did not have time to add the piping. Plus, it is very hard to sew piping in such a small area on such a small garment! I didn't really want to redo it, to be honest. :)
I made the dress from some thrifted semi-sheer white cotton I got for .40 a week or so before Malachi was born. (David's aunt is the manager of the most delightful little thrift store imaginable and it's always fun to look when we go up to visit!) I cannibalized a thrifted curtain for the lace. It is machined, but it's cotton, and it's not as clunky and sleazy as the eyelet at Jo-Anns. I joined a long piece to the bottom of the skirt, making a tuck to hide the join, and pieced out the rest to finish the sleeve cuffs. From the remaining few inches I cut out the medallion-shaped thingies and appliqued them to the front of the bodice so it all looks like it goes together. It was a fun little gown to make, but it was even more fun to put it on the baby and take him out to his first event!

Underneath, Malachi wore a white cotton petti-chemise, red flannel drawers (not pictured, since he wet through them on the way home last night and they are currently in the wash) and these darling little knitted booties that Tilly sent him when he was born.
To top it all off, he uncomplainingly wore a wee cap, made from leftover cotton organdy from my corded bonnet I made last summer. I had just enough left to make the cap with enough left for perhaps one more, in a larger size, for our next event in April. I just love baby caps. . .it's a pity most babies soon learn to pull them off and won't wear them!We had such a wonderful time yesterday in Springfield. I can't wait to post about it! Hopefully I'll get a chance to later tonight or perhaps tomorrow. Blog time is limited now with three little ones! David just informed me that Little David has just helped himself to a loaf of bannana bread I baked earlier this afternoon while the wee ones were napping. He is a self-sufficient child, and is prone to trying to do things on his own. It is only when his attempts fail that he enlists the help of David or I. But now I must go rescue what bannana bread may perhaps be left unmutilated!
Love to all,


  1. Such a darlingly pretty little gown!

  2. It is beautiful! The details are lovely! The slippers go very well with the gown.

    The day before yesterday, Fiona helped herself to a small block of cheese. She used a fork. She tends to be self-sufficient that way, too!

  3. That is so beauitful, Sarah! I'm feeling inspired to sew again... =)

  4. It's beautiful! The booties are just darling... you did a great job!


  5. Sophie tends to shoplift sticks of butter around here. Especially if it's just come out of the fridge, otherwise if it's room temp it inhibits her grab and run powers.

    I LOVE your dress, and especially love hearing how you garnered the materials to create it. Exactly the way an economy minded woman would have done in that time!

    I am intrigued by your son's name as well. I have a friend who's kids are nearing 30. Her oldest boys name is Malachai, her second is Micah. I had never heard of any living person having those names. They are so beautiful and rare, and it's nice to see the name being used on new people!

  6. I am so excited to hear about your adventure! I love the dress and cap. Very sweet.

  7. I love it. So pretty. I can't wait to hear more about Springfield. God Bless!

  8. The dress is so pretty!! (Is that the right word, for when the wearer is a boy child? hmmmm...) I'm so glad the booties fit him...they were so tiny and such a joy to knit! Know that each stitch was knit with love and prayers for every baby who wears them!!

  9. I, too, love how you pieced the gown out of salvaged goods! The cap is lovely also, as are the booties..... ;-)


  10. Your baby gown is absolutely beautiful! How resourceful to do it how you did! Aren't self sufficient children interesting? It doesn't matter how short a time your back is turned, they do interesting things. :)

  11. That gown is gorgeous! Your sewing talent is limitless! I'm glad you had a wonderful event for him to wear the dress!


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