Monday, June 16, 2008

Almost Done

I can't wait for David to get home tonight! I'm absolutely starving and I've decided to make Corn Dogs for dinner. The thought of corndogs struck me as I sat sewing on the big bed, window open, listening to the neighborly sounds of the evening and the smell of someone cooking hotdogs outside.

We were going to have chicken. But, we can save that for a different day. I have the most fantastic recipe for crunchy, sweet, salty, unhealthy and utmost fattening corndogs. The last time I made them was last year so I think once in a while it is okay to splurge and have something absolutely delicious without worrying about what it's doing to your body! :)

I got most of my mother in laws dress done today. I still have the hooks and eyes left to attach and the skirt needs to be turned over at the waist, pleated, and whipped on to the bodice. And then the whole thing must be hemmed. But that won't take long and for the most part the dress is done.

It came out pretty much as I had imagined. I did add some bias ruching on the sleeves. I thought it might be a little much on the bodice since my mother in law is well endowed and doesn't really need any more emphasis on what's already there. She has a lovely, womanly figure that doesn't need enhancing in any way!

I decided to make open undersleeves for the warm weather of central IL during the summer months. They will make it much cooler for her and when autumn arrives we can switch out the open undersleeves for closed cuffed sleeves and perhaps change the white bows for black ones, to make it more in keeping with the particular season. I don't know if "seasons" were something followed by fashion in the 1860's or not, but to me it makes sense to wear darker colors in the cooler months just for practical reasons.

I made the collar of the same lace as the undersleeves. I had to work with a straight piece of lace to make a curved shape collar so I made a paper pattern for the collar using the bodice and laid out the edge of the lace against the edge of the pattern. Then I pinned up the excess at the neckline in tiny darts and sewed them down, trimmed them and pressed them open. The entire thing was well starched and I sewed it to a bias band and basted it into the neck of the dress. Finally, I tied a bow out of the white silk and pinned it at the neck, to see what the effect would be. Thoughts: The bow is a little droopy and wimpy looking. I don't know how to stiffen up the silk anymore since it is a slippery silk. For this weekend it will have to work but after that I might make a new bow and sew it into a tube and turn and press it, with an interlining of white cotton to make it have more body. Then I'll make the new bow from that.
All right corndogs, here I come. . .




  1. It's so pretty... I hope you'll post a picture of it on her! :)

  2. Corn Dogs sound so yummy! :)
    Nothing wrong with having them every now & then.
    That dress looks so nice. It's so nice of you to make her a dress.

  3. How pretty! Nothing wrong with corndogs once in a while, everything in moderation (that's food anyway). God Bless!

  4. The dress looks like it is turning out so pretty. Maybe you would share your corndog recipe some time. I love corn dogs, but we have never been able to fix really good homemade ones.


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