Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Poor Etta

My artsy side came out today (unfortunately) and I decided, in a highly optimistic frame of mind, to try my hand at making a rag doll. It was easy enough to draw out a simple pattern and sew her up and stuff her. I decided to paint her since I have always embroidered my doll faces (the few I have made before) and I wanted to her to have a sort of regency look. Hair, eyes and a simple heart-shaped mouth appeared. Etta (named for my very talented and artsy great-grandma) was cute but I thought I could improve her further. Nostrils, a line to indicate a nose, pupils in her eyes. Rosy cheeks. Cute still. Then I made a critical mistake. I gave her a chin. She gained a hundred pounds before my eyes and the slender young lady became a solid, portly matron. Poor Etta. Anyone know how to remove acrylic paint from white fabric?

Tomorrow I'll make her some clothes but I feel so bad.


  1. You could try and paint over it with white paint and kinda blend it in through the neck so it isn't so noticeable. She is adorable though! I can see that you inherited some talent from your Grandma Etta :) Make sure we get to see her when she is all dresses up! Would you consider sharing your pattern?


  2. Oh, I think she's precious with or without chin! :)

  3. The doll is awesome! I could never paint a face on a doll - I have a hard enough time placing iron-on transfers. :)

    Have a great day!

  4. Oh, I think you did a lovely job! I love her hair. :)

  5. Oh, thank you. :) I'll pass along your lovely compliments to my poor dolly - I'm sure she'll be grateful for any boost to her self-esteem. Bethany, I'd be happy to share the pattern. I'll get it scanned and post it tomorrow.


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