Thursday, May 7, 2020

It's May Now and We Are Still Quarantined

I have been thinking I should go back to only posting sewing projects here, and posting non-sewing life things on my Little House in Appalachia blog and spiritual/emotional things on my OBOD blog. So maybe this will be my last update like this for a while. . .or maybe I'll keep on writing here. I don't know yet. I have just been thinking about a few sewing-specific  blog posts I could do. Yet, I do not feel at all motivated to write about them yet. Once in a while I get a brief urge to continue work on my 1890's dress but the urge soon dissipates. I have to blog about my bustle pad, and the girls regency gowns, and my new Robin dress and possibly my son David's Pathfinder Vest but. . .eh. . .I am tired. I am always tired. At this point, a photo and a few sentences on Instagram will suffice for sewing content.

Beautiful field of dandelions north of town, a few nights ago. :)

Last week, a week ago today in fact, our stay at home order was due to expire. Of course, we did expect it to be extended. Of course we did. But when the extension happened and it came out that the extension is another month of basically the same thing, I became very, very discouraged. I was angry for a while and then felt hopeless for a while. Now, as Anne Shirley said in Rilla of Ingleside, I have had time to "rebel and grow reconciled" and have found my groove again, and have been fairly cheerful and accepting of this new normal. By now, almost two months into this, it really is a new normal. It feels quite normal.

School break will begin this weekend. I feel almost relieved we have come to this point. Now I can take a deep breath, look forward to summer break and can have some optimism that school will indeed begin, in some form or another, in August.

We are so lucky to have a private place to go for our woodsy festivities!

Screen shot of video Malachi filmed for my OBOD blog.

Rose helped me sew a little tube/chiton dress for our May Day celebration (I will have a more detailed post up on my OBOD blog soon!) I had removed the skirt from an old dress and we decided it would make a perfect festive robe for Rosie. She picked out some lace trim from my stash and helped sew it on, and helped sew the shoulders shut. The pine woods were lovely and warm and still and we had a joyful time, celebrating May Day.

We did have to go to Wal-Mart after and yes. . .we went dressed like this. 

Benjamin turned 6 on Saturday and since we are still practicing social distancing, he thought that going fishing would be fun. We went to the pond and spent awhile in the warm afternoon sunshine, watched the geese-couple across the pond and had a FOUR layer chocolate cake, pizza from our favorite local take out place and Benjamin was delighted with his presents and especially his cash. 😂

So far this week I have felt pretty productive and capable. I have had to put my phone away more often than usual since I have been falling into reading Illinois news updates as much as I do Ohio and hating the governor there, which has felt nice at the moment but I later regret, since hate is a terrible emotion and spreads negativity to every aspect of life. (yup that was a terribly run on sentence. . .)  My mother has expressed that wearing masks makes it very difficult to breathe and I have hated Pritzker especially for making my mother feel that way. I sewed up some very lightweight masks to send her that will at least enable her to shop if she needs to, without feeling quite so suffocated.

I now have no current mask requests so I am not quite sure what to do with my time, haha. My current overwhelming desire is to pressure wash my house and repaint my front porch. I dream about the joy of such activities at night, because the thought makes me so irrationally happy.

And now May is well started and Mother's Day is this weekend and I doubt the Hocking Hills will be an option to travel to but we will find something very pleasant to occupy us anyhow, and to celebrate and honor our great Mother, and all mothers, all throughout the world and throughout time.

Much love,


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