Monday, June 25, 2018

Heritage Village 2018

Some photos from our Sunday in the 1860's last weekend. Thinking back on it, the only thing I can really remember is that it was so uncomfortably hot! Sofar this year we have had one Civil War event that was unseasonably cold and now we have the other extreme. Maybe next time we will find a happy average between the two. 😜

Benjamin was very  happy with his toy guns. Just like little
boys in the 1860's, he loves to play at soldiering.

My beautiful Anne. :) 

The only photo my oldest appeared in! He spent most of his time looking
around on his own, visiting the sutlers and buying cold drinks. 

Sisters! The third year they have had their picture taken together
at Heritage Village. 

It was a little cooler on the veranda, where a slight breeze
sometimes blew through, offering much-welcomed relief
from the oppressive humidity.

Judah went to the creek and "fell" in, soaking himself with water. It was so humid
that he never really dried out after that.

Nothing dampens this girls spirits! She was thrilled to be out.

He wore his new waistcoat for the first time, but it was really
too hot for even that.

I wore my white silk cockade with a federal button, as a protesting Southerner
for the day!

My unit, the 48th OVI, where Malachi spent most of his time with his good friend Ethan.

Ethan and his dad, Brent. Love these guys!

Steve, staying cool as best he could!

The children were not shy about accepting Miss Dana's very kind offer of
cold lemonade!

Being 1860's boys. :) 

Malachi had been at the event since Friday, with his dad, and hadn't changed his
clothes the entire time. I had packed his nice clothes for Sunday, at least, but. .
he decided he was more comfortable as he was. 😂 Most of the stains washed out after
3 soaks in Oxi-Clean but they definitely are developing a very worn and used patina!

Near camp there was this large tree that was perfect for climbing.

Malachi made off with Benjamin's toy gun, which thrust my littlest
boy into a very foul mood for the rest of the day. He decided
to hate the world and everyone in it. 

He got interested in watching the soldiers prepare
to march off to the battlefield, though. 

Keeping cool with a wet wash cloth.

And plenty of water!

Drawers and shirt are cooler than a hoop skirt and petticoats and a dress!

We made Anne's dress the week before the event. We didn't have time
to get her new pinafore made, but her old one worked just fine.

Of course, she is pretending to be Elsa and singing "Let It Go"

The girls dollies. :) 

Looking at beetles on the ferns. 

Artillery right before the battle.

I got to meet Doug for the first time this weekend. He has been
reenacting for 28 years and is an amazing historian with a fun sense of humor.

David and Doug represented the Confederate medical branch for the weekend.

Everyone who went on the field were given orders to die in the shade, if die they must.
It was too hot to portray a casualty in the full sun. 


Our good friend Gavin, portraying General Ulysses Grant

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