Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Makeover Dolphin Dance Outfit

The past few weeks have been so full, so guys, I think I'm going to have to accept the fact that over the summer I won't be sewing nearly as much as I was earlier this year. I keep thinking "today I'll sew!" But I never do. I haven't really been inspired to sew lately, either. Our reenacting wardrobes are okay for now and nothing pressing is coming up.

Yes, she picks out her clothes herself. I would never have guessed
just how beautiful hot pink and black plaid is with a fuzzy black leopard
print vest with black vinyl frog closures. 

I did take about an hour lately to remake a few things I've had sitting around. For starters, I've had this. . .thing. . .for over a year. It was given to me with a bunch of other things when my neighbor moved away a while ago and I thought I could make it into some sort of Halloween costume. Yeah. . .no. But the quality of the fabric, the construction and the fit were all great! So I held onto it. 

It was a good candidate for a remake! Now, don't laugh but over the last year I've started to really get into belly dance. At first it was just a fun little break for the days I do not work out with a kettlebell but now I love it for itself; it's so relaxing, liberating and just a beautiful celebration of being a woman. It has really benefited me physically and mentally. I sure know I needed a pick up after recovering from my last c section and this has provided that and more. And the black bodysuit of perpetual ugliness was destined to become a belly dance outfit. 

It was so easy and quick. The top was just cut off below the bust. The blingy edges of the slit bell bottom pants I sewed into a band for under the bust. Once the band was attached I put 2 hooks at the back to close it and done!

The skirt is so fun. I found this large purple scarf at the peddlers mall. It is printed with dolphins and has fringe at the edges. Love!!! To make the skirt I folded it into quarters, cut an oval for the waist opening the same circumference as my hips and added a stretchy black fold-over waistband cut from one of the legs of the bodysuit. Since I sewed the stretchy waistband to the skirt with a zig zag stitch I didn't even have to finish any seams. And since the scarf is already finished on the edges, no hemming either!

My little fashion designer artistically sticks pins into the
mannequins rear end. After each one is inserted: "I DID IT!"

For dance use I have another scarf bought at the same peddlers mall striped in black, purple and white. It's not as blingy and jingly as other hip scarves but I like it's subdued hue very much. 

A long process of learning to celebrate myself, c section scars, stretch marks and poison
ivy patches and all!. Well, maybe not the poison ivy. 

I will probably use the skirt for modern wear as well. Because, dolphins! I should make a few more of these scarf skirts. But now I'm running out of time to even write this blog post. Summer is here! 


  1. This looks really nice. I'm glad you found something that makes you feel happy and relaxed. Can you do a post on your weight loss story? I've been trying to get in shape, and I'm really inspired by what you accomplished. Thanks.

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I had not thought about doing a post on weight loss and fitness since I've been trying to post things only related to sewing but I will think about it. It's been something I struggled with or ignored for so many years.

  2. One of my belly dance teachers has a similar looking body suit, except less blingy. I think you did a great refashion on it :) I've been doing belly dance for 5 years now and its honestly one of the best things I ever did for myself. No laughing here!

    1. Thanks! I feel that this has been one of the best things I've done too. I never thought I could because I didn't have the "right" body shape or size and I never felt confident in my feminity. This has really helped change my perspective and caused me to think about a lot of things in ways I hadn't before. Plus its a great way to exercise!


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