Friday, September 30, 2016

Reenactment at Pioneer Village

Our final reenactment of the season was last weekend and although I'm a little sad that we are done til next spring I could not have asked for a better last event.
A slightly blurry photo takes on a period look if sepia-ized. Thanks Judah!

We had such a great time! I took too many pictures but here are a few of my favorites. Since it was a new place for me and a really lovely setting there were so many picturesque scenes I felt the need to document. I had my camera out of my pocket way too often.
Four of them fit in that tree!

We didn't camp but since the site was pretty close by we were able to travel up both days. Note for next time: Camp.
David and Judah share a brotherly joke by the covered bridge

Camping with a lot of kids seemed overwhelming to me at the beginning of this year. But truthfully it would have made things much easier. Having a "home" to retire to when children get cranky and need naps is such a nice thing to have. We set up a fly and had chairs and a blanket for the babies to play on but it just isn't the same as tenting. Cold picnic fare just isn't the same (and to the older boys not as satisfying) as a simple meal cooked over the fire.
Benjamin hunting with his stick

If there's a fence, it has to be climbed!

The weather was great; a little warmer than average for late September but still gloriously sunshiney and not too hot. The kids soon discarded their stockings and shoes and ran off to explore.
Rose at the entrance of the tiny cemetery. I love the rock walls around here - when
I was a little girl in Rhode Island and Connecticut most of the fences were of stone.
I feel like I'm home again.

The village houses a collection of historic buildings that are meant to be instructive to the visitors about early American life. It makes a pretty place for an event and the park interpreters had many of the buildings open so we could see inside. While most are pre-Civil War style the ambiance was very homey and pleasant.
Her daddy asked her what was growing in the garden. She replied "A lot of great weeds!"

Rose tries on her brothers cap.

The reenactors put on several skirmishes for the spectators over the weekend and enjoyed an 1860's style baseball game each day. No gloves!
The guys, blue and gray, set aside political differences for an afternoon of fun.

Second base!

Anne is my wild child and she doesn't know the meaning of the word stranger. To her, everyone is a friend waiting to be met. I spent a lot of my time following her little skipping figure as she went from one place to the next, talking to whoever would listen (and most listen with good nature and kindness to a sparkling-eyed, curly haired little devil) and taking pictures whenever she begged the camera from me.
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Two more of Anne's friends
I was lazy on Sunday and put the babies in their Boone frocks since I didn't feel like ironing their petticoats early that morning.

We spent a pleasant time in one of the homes listening to music. Rose especially enjoyed the hammered dulcimer.

Malachi's favorite site was a rather dilapidated cabin set away back from the main village a bit. He spent most of the day there with another little boy he befriended. On Sunday Malachi complained about the green suit I made him earlier this year as it has grown tight around the waist and around the knees. I let him wear Judah's extra set of trousers and he was ridiculously pleased. I guess this means that his next outfit will be a menswear style. . .sigh. I will put the green suit away for Benjamin to grow into. My little boy is getting too big too fast!

The cabin is supposed to be a recreation of a late 18th century style cabin.

A nearby stone springhouse would have kept food cold and helped to preserve meat, vegetables and dairy products. 

We geared up again for another baseball game!

The porch of the store across the street was a good place to sit in the shade to watch the game. 

Judah struck out once, but hit a good ball every other time he was up to bat!

After the game it was late afternoon and time for everyone to go. What a great weekend! It was Rose's first event after learning to walk really well. She's so short and teeny it still is a bit of a shock for me to see her bitty little self walking around. She seems too little to walk! So cute! 


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  1. I love your reenactment posts. I joined a group this year after being away for sometime. I did it as a child with my parents, so it is great fun to see the photos of your children growing up in period clothes. There is one more hosted event I will be attending this year then the off season begins. After that, the fun starts with making myself a few more pieces to add to my wardrobe as well as doing research for my impression. Thanks again for sharing.

    B at Life on the Flying VS Farm


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