Friday, May 3, 2013

1860's Boys Button Suit and Coat

Dear Father, hear and bless

Thy beasts and singing birds

And guard with tenderness

Small things that have no words. 

My little son is growing up. I love him so.



  1. These picture about killed me with cuteness. His so incredibly cute and grown up at the same time....That button suit does an excellent job of bringing out both qualities...

  2. He is growing up so fast. Sigh... I love the new suit!!!

  3. What a handsome little fellow. His clothing is fantastic. I was just telling my little man that I needed to make him some new clothing in the next few weeks. What pattern did you use, or did you just make it work with your incredible skills? You are amazing at that you know. I think many of us admire that about you.


Thank you for your lovely thoughts!