Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Tractor Shirt

This week, it looks like my sewing plans are going to consist entirely of shirts. We are taking the boys to the inter-tribal Pow-Wow at Grand Village of the Kickapoo this weekend and I am having a lot of fun making tiny ribbon shirts for them to wear. Before starting on the shirts, however, Judah had one request for me - he wanted me to make him a "tractor shirt".

This past weekend was my 26th birthday and Judah and I browsed the fabric section of one of the local stores, birthday money from my parents in hand, while David took the other boys to look at fishing poles. Of all the children, Judah is the one who most shares my interest in fibers and fabrics and pattern and design. I found some pretty striped cotton seersucker to make another peasant dress and while I was rummaging, Judah was, too. He found some cotton printed with John Deere tractors and combines and when he asked if he could get some, well, I just couldn't say no!

We used Simplicity 4760 for the shirt pattern. It went together very quickly (the entire shirt was made yesterday between 1:00 and 3:00 p.m.) and Judah immediately put it on to wear for the rest of the day. His only disappointment was that I used a tractor for the pocket instead of a combine. Otherwise, he is very happy with it and declares it his "favorite shirt".

The only change I made to the pattern was to omit the facing piece (seriously, I hate facings and none of Judah's current button up shirts have nasty facings!) on the front opening and just finished the front edges with topstitched strips instead. The seam between the collar and shirt was finished with self fabric bias tape. I didn't follow the pattern directions at all, but I think directions are sometimes much more work than the garment is worth.

Judah spent last evening in the pursuit of toad-catching and found three. This one was an especial favorite, as it was the smallest of the bunch and made a chirruping sound at times. After keeping it for an hour or so he let it go in the garden.

Now I can make ribbon shirts with a clear conscience and Judah is happy. :)



  1. I think it's awesome he wants to look at fabric with you and have you make him things.

    When my son was little he loved going to the fabric store with me, he particularly loved the pattern books. One day he found a pattern for a labor intensive "Rainbow Brite" doll and I couldn't refuse, even though I knew the pattern would be a bear of a chore for me. He adored that Rainbow Brite doll for years, though he has no memory of this fixation and insists I'm inventing it.

    He's 30 now and he only needs my sewing for the random Halloween costume. But pretty soon he and his wife to be will be making some babies and I can drag them into fabric stores and make things for them.

  2. Love that your Judah enjoys going to the fabric store with you. So sweet. And his shirt is wonderful!

    Oh, and I do so hope you will share with us the ribbon shirts :-)

    Lots of love,


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