Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Teeny Little Post Before I Creep Back Into My Blog-free Break

I know I wasn't going to post til after our first CW event, but, then, I wasn't going to sew either. And I did.

I just want to thank you all so much for your advice, suggestions and encouragement. What great cheer leaders you all are! When I wrote my last post I felt miserably discouraged with David's regency outfit and was ready to give up. But thanks to you all, who contacted me both here and via email, I was inspired to try again. David's stuff is still not perfect, but it's a lot better than it was, I think! Now I feel like I can take a deep breath and move on. You all are AWESOME.

So here are his breeches, newly refitted. I took quite a bit of width out of the crotch and also the inner leg, on the fronts. The back I left pretty much alone. David tried these on at least a dozen times last night while I fitted and finnagled and fretted with the seams. At last I got them to where I was much happier, and he wasn't complaining about them being too snug anywhere. Actually, he freaked out a bit last night when I snugged up the center seam and we got that nice supported rounded shape starting to go on.

"They're touching me!" he exclaimed, horrified.
"Um, David, they're supposed to!"

A side view:

A butt shot:

For Jenni - here's what I did with the leg placket. I don't know if this is how it was done as I was working from the Cut of Men's Clothes and there are really no instructions that come with the diagrams. Just a basic buttoned placket with a buttoned band at the knee instead of a buckle. I think I could have made the placket a bit taller and used 4 buttons instead of 3, but these should work.

Here's his new shirt. Yes, he is being silly and indecent not buttoning it up. :P Do not Fear. The Cravat and Waistcoat are next on the list and he will NOT be seen in public places (except blogger) in this attire.

And just for comparison purposes, here is a pic of the breeches and the old shirt taken last week, that left me so discouraged:

Yes, despite the imperfections of the current version, I think it is MUCH better.


  1. Hey Sarah! I am glad your sewing endeavors once again were pleasant and victorious! :) I just wanted to also let you know I will be wearing the 1830s gown you made and sold to me this weekend yes at a civil war reenactment. :) I want to wear it to the dance even though its 30 years too old. :) hey! Its too pretty to just let sit in my closet unused. :) My sister and mom agreed! so pictures to come!

    In Christ,

  2. Oh Bravo, Sarah! I didn't think they looked that bad before, but these after image are a definite improvement. Wonderful job! Thank you for the close up of the breeches leg.

    Is he going to shave his beard into chops for the festival? ;0) I asked my husband to shave his goattee for it last year! Am I bad or what!?

  3. hhmmm....thought I posted about this....but it didn't take it. I just wanted to say that even though I like the previous version, this one is such an improvement! Bravo! Thanks for the close-up of the hem/buttons on the pants.

  4. Wonderful job! Looking great. What a patient husband, to let you fiddle and fuss over the fit - most hubbies don't have that kind of patience. But it's paying off! I'm going to show my husband - I'm trying to convince him to try wearing breeches instead of trousers.

  5. Glad to know you are happy with them. :) they looked good before (at least to the untrained eye) but I think they look better now, and if you are happier with them then that is great. You are awesome at what you do! :)


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