Sunday, August 24, 2008

1930's Dress Completed At Last

I needed (or, well, wanted) something new to wear a few days ago when I went to visit my family so I finally broke down and finished this dress I started nearly two months ago, before we moved. I don't know why I put off finishing it for so long, but that is a tendency of mine. I get almost done with something, and then - that's it. Perhaps I want to prolong the pleasure of creation by not putting in hems, or adding fasteners? Whatever the reason, it is so.

I wore the dress again today for church and a picnic afterwards. It is such an easy dress to wear and so very comfortable! The only problem I find with it is that the neckline seems to stretch so I need to topstitch it down and add some trim to cover the top stitching. Otherwise, the pattern as-is fit just fine, except for taking up the shouder seams, of course. I did hem the skirt longer than the 30's style of mid-calf to below-knee length. I just felt in the mood for a long dress and I can always shorten it later if I want to.

After the picnic, the church showed a new DVD version of Pilgrims Progress. I was excited to see the movie since I have often read the book. I was not disappointed! It was a modern rendition, but still very accurate to the book. The only problem I had with the movie was the seeming undertone of the possibility of loosing your salvation. I believe that once you are saved, you are ALWAYS saved. It disturbed me to see and hear the insinuation that if you stray from the path to the celestial city (heaven) you will go to hell. I don't remember if that was in the book or not. I need to reread it.

We watched another movie last night - I Am Legend. It wasn't a bad movie, but after it was over I felt disappointed in it. The plot wasn't that great and the ending wasn't that great either. I like happy movies that leave you feeling satisfied and content. This one did not do that for me. It was rather gruesome and dark. It seemed rather hopeless. I guess that is a problem of this world. Without Christ one IS hopeless.

I like movies like Little House on the Prairie and Anne of Green Gables. :) Dark movies seem to have no point to me, unless there is a moral or a happy ending. In this movie, there seemed to be the absence of both.

Anywoo - it is a beautiful evening and I must go make supper.




  1. I was curious about the dress you had mentioned over at S&S because I LOVE 1930's and 1940's styles. Yours came out so pretty and feminine! I love your fabric choice, and especially the color. Great job!

  2. Dear Sarah Jane,
    My, your dress came out so well! Very much like how you treated the striped pattern on the bodice. It's both period and becoming.

    I wonder if the neckline is stretching because there is so much bias line in there. I wonder if lining the bodice might help some. You might have a look at the sewing manuals on to see how they dealt with this issue.

    Oh, and about the 1860s hood in the post just beneath: from the pictures the plaid is quite attractive! The velvet trim goes nicely with it. If I had a place to wear such a hood, I'd get it!

    Very best and god bless, from one mother to another,

    Natalie in Kentucky

  3. Lovely!!! I adore the color and the cut. What a pretty dress. (And I too love movies like Anne of Green Gables!)

  4. Oooo, I adore it! I love 30's styles, and you wear them so nicely!

  5. very very pretty!

    i so enjoyed visiting your blog. i would love to do reenacting myself, but sadly don't have the time just now. i enjoyed all of your lovely things, and your precious little men:)

  6. Ooh, pretty dress!

    I hear you about dark movies. I watched The Dark Knight the other night and *shudder*! Don't watch it! Clearly it wasn't going to be a cheery movie, but I assumed there would be something redeeming about it. Superhero movies aren't supposed to be all destruction. That's what the superhero is for! Anyway, give me Anne of Green Gables any day!

    Your dress is nice and cheery though!

  7. I hear you there on dark movies. You look so beautiful in your dress. I can't even tell your pregnant. Such a pretty momma. Yes, a world without Christ is scary and horrible. God Bless you my friend.


  8. In regards to the Parade of Homes, that was my exact thought while we were touring. I just imagined what costumes I could "play" in. You and I are definitely kindred spirits. :-)

    God Bless you dear friend,

  9. Hello there, I found your blog through the S and S messageboard (I'm Lothlorien there). I love your dress, it really suits you!

    With regards to "Pilgrim's Progress" and losing your salvation, I'm pretty certain John Bunyan was a Calvinist, and wouldn't have thought a true believer can lose their salvation once they are saved. I guess as "Pilgrim's Progress" is an allegory, it might be hard to convey that clearly, especially in film format.

    Rachel xxxx


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